Daily Devotions

The Only Thing that Isn't Temporary

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He set the earth on its foundations, so that it should never be moved. (Psalm 104:5)

Today we are facing Coronavirus, tomorrow it will be something else. We often feel as if the world is traveling too fast, and we long to just get off the treadmill, even for a short time. Nothing seems to be lasting. My wife and I were taking a walk the other day and we were talking about television sets. Her parents had the same console television for as long as Jill can remember, over thirty years. Now, these new flat screens are lucky to last as long as a computer – four or five years. It seems that way with everything, because everything is temporary.

It was Mary Baker Eddy who said, “Nothing we can say or believe regarding matter is immortal, for matter is temporal and is therefore a mortal phenomenon, a human concept, sometimes beautiful, always erroneous.” Once we let go of all the material aspects of life, and place them in the “temporary” category, inner peace is easier to find. Dr. Christine Bradstreet, in her article, “Everything is Temporary” confirms, “The hard times are temporary, and the good times are temporary.

Before one despairs the pain of the temporary nature of good times, one must celebrate the comfort that hard times are not lasting either. The only lasting thing in this world is God. God was here at the creation of the universe, and God will be here for all eternity. God is our only lasting reality. Everything else will come and go.

If you seek stability in life, turn to the one being who is permanent. God is dependable – not only a creator, but also one who redeems and sustains us. People are turning away from God in record numbers; but, in time, those same people will experience all of life’s temporary things slipping away. When there is nothing left to hold on to, they just might call out to the permanency of God. That is my greatest hope and deepest prayer. Prayerfully affirm God’s permanence in your life, in the life of our world, and the entire universe.

No More Running Away

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Let us test and examine our ways, and return to the Lord. (Lamentations 3:40)

I have watched too many people through the years attempt to start their lives over again, by running away. Some run away from all their responsibilities, their spouse, children, job, in an attempt to provide themselves a better life. It never seems to work. But why?

Ayodeji Awosika, in his article, “The Art of Starting Over: How to Reinvent Yourself in 2020” recognizes why starting over doesn’t work. As Awosika points out, “What looks like life change simply means you’re becoming your true core self by removing the layers of brainwashing you’ve experienced from society.” You can flee, but you take with you your core self. What you are running from you created and you will just re-create it again, in a new place with new people.

People who regularly start over, focus on wrongs done to them, their talents and strengths; but fail to learn the inner truths of their own culpability. These individuals fail to recognize the limitations within themselves that create excuses and blame. These individuals look everywhere for happiness, except within. Looking within is too painful and uncovering our own shortcomings leave us scared and impotent.

If you know one of these people, or you have a bit of the “start over” in yourself, it is time to make lasting, beneficial change. It comes, not from changing people, places, or things, but changing what is within our own soul. When we change the way we view those who love and trust us, real transformative change is possible. When we change the way we view life in general, God is able to create in us a new, blessed heart. Start over by focusing within ourselves, and wisdom and happiness will no longer be illusive.

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