Daily Devotions

Taking Control of our Aging

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So we do not lose heart. Even though our outer nature is wasting away, our inner nature is being renewed day by day. (2 Corinthians 4:16)

We all experience the aging process. Even my eight-week-old grandson is aging. Like many older people, eight-week-old Brooks is experiencing the pain of aging. He is already cutting teeth. It hurts, which causes irritability, diarrhea, and fits of crying. Ironically, many of those at the other end of the age spectrum feel similar discomfort. Babies and the elderly have more in common than one might expect.

Aging isn’t a disease we must cure, but a reality that must be embraced with dignity and faith. Brittany Denis, DPT, in her article, “What You Can Learn from the Longest Study Conducted on Aging,” shares the results of The Baltimore Longitudinal Study of Aging. Denis states, “It began in 1958 and continues to date. For this study, researchers enroll participants age 20 or older and monitor them for life.” It is one of the largest studies on aging ever conducted. The findings are illuminating.

The study finds that people age differently. Denis continues, “There may not have been one single marker for aging, but there were several strong predictors of how individuals would age.” There were two dominant findings that came to the forefront. First, those individuals with a positive attitude toward aging aged with a better quality of life. Second, good mobility in middle age was a positive sign. “The better their walking speed and balance in their 40’s and 50’s the better they age as well.”

While we cannot necessarily control our walking speed and balance, due to unforeseen health challenges, we can certainly control our attitudes toward aging. Pray today for an eternal life perspective. Aging isn’t the end of our youth and vitality, it is just part of a larger transformation that will continue after our death, with a new resurrected body. When we can face our limitations knowing that they are not our permanent reality, they become easier to face. When God is in our lives, the comfort of our eternal perspective fills our hearts and minds. Then, we can take better control of our aging!

Motivating the Subconscious

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Therefore, my beloved brothers, be steadfast, immovable, always abounding in the work of the Lord, knowing that in the Lord your labor is not in vain. (1 Corinthians 15:58)

Most of us were raised to be humble. A lot of our parents blurred the lines between humility and humiliation. This has left far too many people with the subconscious feeling that our lives do not really make that big a difference. In reality, the way to success moves through our lives is when we realize that what we do really does make a difference.

Too many people live their lives going through the motions. They feel that life is somehow against them, or that good things rarely happen to people like them. Even worse are those people who believe life itself really doesn’t make a difference. This underlining fatalism undoes all hope and joy from life. Life is hard enough, but when people believe it is all worthless, it is hard to stay motivated, or even alive.

Darius Foroux, in his article, “To Live a Meaningful Life, Remember This One Thing” points out, “Unhappiness comes from believing that no one cares about what you do. It’s easy to feel irrelevant in a crowded world. Wake up, go to work, go back home, and watch TV until you fall asleep. You’re just going through the motions.” Becoming part of a church family and living a deep relationship with God brings meaning back to one’s life. Caring for people in God’s name is the most meaningful activity in the world. God blesses even small actions, and multiplies its effectiveness.

Today, please pray for our congregations as they continue to give people a meaningful life. Pray God will continue to inspire our congregations with the wisdom to provide profound ministries that give each person meaning. Ask God to allow the Holy Spirit to move in and through us, motivating our actions, and helping us remember that humble people can do profound activities, when they are blessed by God.

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