Daily Devotions

God's Worth Your Trust

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"You have put gladness in my heart..." (Ps. 4:7)

Psalm 4 is a prayer for help. There are those who wish ill of the writer. It is a frightening time, filled with insecurity. Yet, the psalmist has the faith to trust in God's ability to set things right. Amidst the pain and unfairness, the writer tells us to "be silent" which is better translated, "be quieted." In other words, the faithful are advised to keep their composure and peace of mind, even when one feels totally out of control.

We are called to entrust our lives to God, because God alone is our ultimate security. When I was twenty-one, I have major surgery and worried that I might never walk again. There were many faithful friends who prayed with, and for, me. They reminded me what I already knew in my heart. Difficult things will happen in this imperfect world, but God does not abandon us in our hour of need. Read Psalm 4, thinking of a difficult time in your life. Then say a prayer of thankfulness for the ways God "heard when you called to him" in the past. Then conclude your prayer by telling God that you will continue to place your trust in God's divine care. Your prayer will bring "gladness to your heart!"

"Rise up, O Lord! Deliver me, O my God! (Ps. 3:7)

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 When I was growing up, I thought the phrase "God helps those who help themselves" was actually in the Bible. It was one of the only times when my grandmother was ever wrong. We live in a world where independence is valued above all else. But God requires inter-dependence from us.

Church leaders Stanley Hauerwas and William Willimon acknowledge, "Most of our social activism is formed on the presumption that God is superfluous to the formation of a world of peace with justice...It is all up to us." As people of faith, we affirm that God acts in the midst of our world. Peace and justice are most successful when God is prayerfully invited to participate in the healing.

Then why do we try so hard to do it all ourselves. We read self-help books, and long for self-reliance. God comes along and tells us we were never intended to have self-fulfillment. Our fulfillment can only come from God. It is God who delivers us.

In your prayer today, think about areas in your life that you just haven't been able to "fix." Then prayerfully offer it up to God. Do not ask God to fix it. Ask God to listen and respond. God knows better than we, how to properly respond to our struggles. What a blessing that God has promised "deliverance."

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