Daily Devotions

Gravity is God's

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But he gives all the more grace; therefore it says, “God opposes the proud, but gives grace to the humble.” (James 4:6)

We tend to confuse learning something with controlling it. For example, Isaac Newton was brilliant and made incredible discoveries. Yet, his discovery of the laws of gravity did not mean Newton invented gravity. Newton was simply the first to recognize what has always been a reality.

We humans are so impressed with ourselves. We are enamored with what we have learned, as if we have invented it from the beginning. In reality, we are just onlookers. Even what we claim to have created ourselves is just a mirage. We remain onlookers, naming for ourselves what God has created and will continue to create. Perhaps that is why Jesus continually lifts up the humble. Only when we let go of our oversized human egos, can we see the true power of God's creative force in our world.

Today, pray for the human race, so we can become humble enough to see God's handiwork all around us. Help us realize that no matter how clever or "advanced" we become; we are not capable of experiencing the true vastness of God's creation. Pray for the wisdom to see God's handiwork so, like Newton, we can continue to learn and develop in God's creation. 

What's the Buzz?

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Now faith is the assurance of things hoped for, the conviction of things not seen. (Hebrews 11:1)

As the pandemic slowly rolls on, the stress drones on like a buzz in your ear that never seems to go away. You can be fine with it for a while, but over time, it begins to drive you a little nuts. You can let it eat away at you, or you can step up and take control. But it is not as simple as just depending on willpower. 

Thomas Oppong gets to the heart of it again in his article, “Uncertainty is Non-Negotiable. It’s How You Deal With It.” Oppong gives us perspective when he says, “Always remember this: the changes that are happening are out of our control. You can only prepare yourself to deal with it in a way that doesn’t put your mental health at risk.” It requires us to reach beyond oneself.

God provides ways to deal with the lack of control.  First, prayer helps us hand over the struggle to God, and allows the Holy Spirit to intervene with support and care. Second, prayer is a lifeline. We do not need to remain passively insecure. Through God’s intervention, God can bring a sense of control back to our lives. It is powerful, trusting God to take the control God has always had over our lives. Finally, the act of prayer is revolutionary. It says “no” to the status quo, and “yes” to the promise of a new tomorrow. When you face the world with hope, you bring empowerment to yourself and others. You honor God.

Today, admit any inner struggle you are experiencing. Then offer your own three-part prayer as I’ve just outlined. As you do, allow God’s hope to wash over you. Experience God’s uplifting joy, so that Divine hope can live on long after the pandemic ends. God provides the way forward, so the buzz in our head will finally come to the end.

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