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I Complete Me

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I praise you, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made. (Psalm 139:14)

I was watching a news story the other night about women who are not dating anyone at the moment, taking vacations by themselves. These women are not willing to live sad, boring lives when between significant others. There is a company that brings groups of single women together for trips and vacations. This way women can take trips with more safety and the women can enjoy their vacations with other individuals. There have been life-long friendships made from these experiences.

I was moved by these women and their commitment to life. They did not need to rely on someone else to “complete them.” I’ve never liked that phrase from the movie “Jerry Maguire.” It is important for all of us to feel comfortable in our own skin. One of the hardest things in life to accomplish is knowing that you are valuable, worthy, and fun. It is important to affirm that you are exciting and someone you love and enjoy. If there isn’t someone around to share your life with, you should still be able to enjoy your life because you enjoy being around you.

This is yet another reason to evangelize our Christian faith. God made us in God’s image. We are worthy because we are an extension of God. Most anger, violence, and injustice in this world begins with self-hate. That is why it is so important for people to understand that they are unique, special, and loved by God. The more individuals are comfortable in their own skin, the less anger and hate they will experience and express. Pray for our Christian churches, that we will be able to share God’s affirmation in people’s lives. Pray for those who feel alone in this moment in time. Rather than have them feel somehow incomplete, through your Spirit, help them realize that she/he remains whole and blessed. When this happens, life can continue to be lived to the fullest.