Prayers of Westminster

The Women's Evening Circle at Westminster has composed this prayer, which can be used by individuals of the church to stay connected during this season of separation and isolation.


Dear Lord, 

As we struggle to cope with the Coronavirus Pandemic of 2020 we reach out to you in thoughtful prayer. 

We pray for the front-line medical workers who, through their courageous work, are endangering themselves and their families for our

sake. We pray for their safety and hope they will soon receive - or now have - the equipment they need to do their job safely. 

We pray that hospitals will be able to serve us in our time of need and that our actions will support our medical communities. 

We pray for the researchers who are dedicated to developing a vaccine for this virus ASAP! Bless them and keep them! 

Although most people world-wide who have contracted the virus have recovered, we pray for the nearly 9,000 people, globally, who have already lost their lives to the virus. 

We pray for the children who are out of school and off schedule and may be hungry or stressed now because of the pandemic. 

We pray for the parents who are struggling to balance work and child care and are worried about their family’s safety and stability. 

We pray for grandparents who worry about the health and safety of their children and grandchildren when mom and dad have to go to work.

We pray for those who are already out of work and probably the thousands more who will be out of work before this is all over. We pray they may be able to maintain their homes and not become homeless. 

We pray for businesses who are struggling to stay viable and support their workers. 

We pray that the federal economy will be strong enough to withstand the extreme pressure and strain placed upon it during this time.

We pray for those who are anxiety-sensitive or even fearful, and are not functioning well now because of inner turmoil. 

We pray for wisdom for those who may think they are invincible and do not see the potential danger in their random, ill-advised actions. 

We pray for schools and churches who have had to close, thereby shaking their stabilizing presence within our communities. 

We pray for our leaders in local, state, national and global locations - that they may unite in purpose and direct a response to save lives and end this pandemic ASAP.

And finally we pray that physical isolation does not mean emotional isolation. We pray that people will choose to communicate electronically, by phone, email, etc. and continue to stay in touch with each other.

While we have recently been in reactive mode, help us transition to being “people with a plan,” knowing where we are now and where we need to go, based on valid information and professional analysis and recommendations. May we respond accordingly.

Be with us Lord as we struggle to cope with this new world while we journey through the pandemic. Amen