Music and Art at Westminster

Music and the Arts are an integral part of Westminster!  

Come and enjoy the magnificent music of our Dobson organ during worship and other events.  We offer a variety of Adult Music and Children's and Youth Music including the Westminster Chorale, Westminster Handbell Choir, Children's Choir, Youth Choir, Bitty Bells, Ringing Ensemble, Intergenerational Band and other instrumental vocal ensembles throughout the church year.  We offer free community concerts in our Fine Arts Series, which offer a variety of musical, dance and dramatic arts events; and the Anchor Coffee House which brings folk and regional music during the winter months. Something for everyone! 


Westminster's appreciation of the visual arts includes a gallery offering on the lower level of the church, open to the public during regular hours, which feature paintings and drawings of not only members of the congregation but the community.  In the very near future, this will be expanded to include other art forms, such as sculpture, pottery, needlework, or individually fashioned jewelry.  Check out the latest exhibit here.

If you have any interest in showing your work at the Art Gallery, contact Aaron Schultz, our Director of Worship and the Arts.

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