Far: Global Ministries

Westminster has formed partnerships with sister communities in El Salvador and Hungary.  These relationships provide the opportunity for life-changing annual mission trips to both countries, as well as long-term mission projects focusing on sustainable development, such as providing solar power, potable water, education, and building renovations.  

Sister Church: Szeged, Hungary

Easter Tradition in HungaryThe bonds of Christian friendship are far-reaching, connecting two congregations thousands of miles apart… the Szeged Honved Ter Reformed Church in Szeged, Hungary, and Westminster Presbyterian Church in Des Moines, Iowa, U.S.A.

The relationship between our two congregations began in 2001 when the Rev. Dr. Sándor Kereskényi came to the United States with a group of Reformed Church of Hungary pastors, hosted by the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.). Part of the group’s learning experience included spending time with local parishes. Sándor was assigned to Westminster and stayed with church members while visiting Des Moines. During that time, the bonds of friendship began to grow.  Sandor in WorshipSándor expressed interest in hosting Westminster members at his church, and the Westminster folks were excited to continue the relationship as well.

Since then, five delegations from Westminster have been warmly welcomed into the homes of our Szeged friends, and three teams from Szeged have been hosted at Westminster.  We have learned much about each other, our cultures, and our history. We have worked, worshipped, enjoyed meals and shared fellowship side by side.  Those who have made the trips or have participated in hosting feel strongly that our lives have been enriched by the opportunity to open our hearts, share our lives, and most importantly, share our faith. We look to the future with hope and expectation that our friendship across the miles will continue for many years to come!


Sister Church: San Francisco, El Salvador

Our Sister Parish in El Salvador is a faith-based ecumenical effort through the Des Moines Presbytery to support community development and improve the lives of the people living in the neighborhoods of San Francisco, El Salvador. 

2015 DelegationThis relationship provides the opportunity for life-changing annual mission trips as well as long-term mission projects focusing on sustainable development, such as providing solar power and portable water. In 2015, Westminster raised $5000 to provide new toilets for 60 households in the cantons (neighborhoods) of San Francisco and Cimarron.


Don Justo Fairly Traded Coffee

Don Justo Coffee is on sale the third Sunday of every month, in The Commons  after worship.   Choose from Regular Roast, Dark Roast, French Roast, Snickeroo or Mocha, for just $10 per one-pound bag. Your purchase will make a difference!

A large portion of the proceeds goes to projects designed and organized by our sister community. These projects have included support for small farmers, maintenance and repair of community structures, food packets and assistance for elderly or others with no resources.  General medical, educational, economic and social justice issues are also addressed with the proceeds from the sale of Don Justo Coffee from El Salvador.


Our outreach to the world also includes peacemaking efforts, disaster relief and assistance, global awareness, and more. If you have any questions please contact Lisa, our Director of Youth and Outreach.

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