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Putting on the Armor of Positivity

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A cheerful heart is a good medicine, but a downcast spirit dries up the bones. (Proverbs 17:22)

Life is often tough, and it is easy to become a negative person. It requires a great deal of dedication and discipline to remain a positive person in a negative world. I enjoy the way writer Ayodeji Awosika writes. In his article, “How To Be Positive In A World Full Of Negative People,” Awosika warns us when he writes, “Don’t Fight in the Mud With a Pig, Because You Get Dirty, and the Pig Likes It.” Positivity in a negative world requires us to take control of our lives. If we don’t, others will manipulate us and leave us inadvertently lost in negativity.

Awosika challenges us to “Change The Ratio In Your Mind.” He states the obvious when he says, “Trying to avoid negativity in 2020 is like trying to avoid oxygen.” Since negativity is unavoidable, we must learn to face it head-on. We face it by putting on as much positivity as possible. Good friends are those who build you up, rather than tear you down. That doesn’t mean they lie and ignore your bad habits, but they are unwilling to diminish you. Further, recognizing when negativity is knocking at the door to your heart, will give you the opportunity to steel yourself, and put on the armor of positivity and faith.

We are called, according to Awosika, to “Create a Fortress For Your Mind, Body, and Soul.” We all fall short and throw ourselves on the hill of negativity and self-loathing, but that should just motivate us all the more to create a positive fortress within ourselves. This always begins and ends with prayer. When we ask, God will assist us in recognizing the negative, helping us ferret out the occasional need to face our sin, and then to let it go with the promise of healing and restoration. Ask God to provide the fortress necessary to retain a positive faith and life in a dark and negative world.