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For surely I know the plans I have for you, says the Lord, plans for your welfare and not for harm, to give you a future with hope. (Jeremiah 29:11)

I would like to tell you about a word that might sound a bit vulgar, but is exactly the opposite. The word is “Neart.” Neart is another special aspect of Celtic spirituality. Carl McColman, in this book, “An Invitation to Celtic Wisdom,” says, “Neart represents the life-energy of abundance. It signifies the strength of God’s protection and the power of God to heal.” Neart is an aspect of the Holy Spirit. “It is the fundamental energy that flows at the heart of all things.” Neart fills our lives with “potential and possibilities.”

The Polynesians call it mana, which is their concept of “life-force.” The Japanese call it reiki. In Sanskrit, it is called prana. In Stars Wars, it is called “The Force,” and may it be with you. This universal concept affirms that the world (and space) is not entirely filled with scarcity and hardship, but with is filled with “immense spiritual wealth."

Jesus had miracles, and in our scientific, rational world, we have lost our Neart. There is nothing worse than losing your Neart (and no, I am not telling a bad Celtic joke). When you lose your Neart, you are losing your hope and you fall into the abyss of cynicism, or worse. Even on the cross, Jesus did not lose his Neart. He still prayed, believing God would listen and respond.

Today, ask God to keep the Neart in your life. Think about your level of cynicism. Are you getting negative too often? Have you stopped believing that God is working in your life and in this world? If so, you need an infusion of Neart! My spellcheck just helped with another illustration: Heart and Neart are just one letter apart. You cannot have Neart, if you’ve lost your Heart. Trust God to give you an infusion of Neart, and you will experience renewed joy again.