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Get Your Hopes Up

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May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace in believing, so that you may abound in hope by the power of the Holy Spirit. (Romans 15:13)

The phrase, “don’t get your hopes up,” is sad and debilitating. While life is challenging and things do not always work out the way we hope, God makes all things work for good. We are called to get our hopes up, over and over again. We are called to crash, get back up, and hope again, because God is making all things work for good. Never stop getting your hopes up.

Shaunta Grimes, in her article, “Go Ahead and Get Your Hopes Up,” challenges us when she says, “Getting your hopes up is deeply satisfying. It feels good. It’s fun.” While it may not always work out, hope is infectious and the more you practice hope, the more blessings enter your life. Grimes continues, “You have to risk before you can succeed. It’s pretty rare for life to just plop something amazing into your lap when you weren’t even hoping for it, especially if your focus is on making sure you’re not disappointed.” God doesn’t ordinarily just drop blessings in our lap. God expects us to get off our couch and step into a life of hope.

Today, pray for God to renew the hope in your life. There is no room for cynicism in the kingdom of God. I know your heart has been broken, your dreams dashed, your goals subverted, but God says, “hope anyway!” Don’t count the number of disappointments, but celebrate the hopes fulfilled. Every fulfilled hope is greater than fifty disappointments. In an imperfect world, disappointments are a normal part of life. Now, hopes fulfilled are a sign that God is still at work in this world and in your life.