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From Free-dumb to Freedom

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The fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge; fools despise wisdom and instruction. (Proverbs 1:7)

When I see people out protesting without facemasks and not social distancing, I am beyond frustrated. Just because we are tired of distancing, or struggling with the financial burden, does not mean this Virus will just say, “OK, I will leave you alone now; sorry for bothering you.” Too many of us have become so naive that we pretend that if we wish this Virus away, we can make it happen. The longer we live in denial and self-centeredness, the longer our country and world will suffer.

Writer Umair Haque, in an article, lifted up the phrase “from freedom to Free-dumb.” Protesters who took dangerous weapons into the Michigan State Capital were “free-dumb.” They were free to carry their weapons, but it was dumb. In Florida, many of the beaches are opening and people have the “free-dumb” to congregate in large groups, up close and personal.

This Virus isn’t dumb. It is extremely effective at what it does: making people sick and killing many. It is more effective than many of the illnesses we’ve faced to this point. Even after we get a vaccine – which is no guarantee – it will take time to create the vast number of syringes, and other materials necessary to distribute it to hundreds of millions of people. Then, some vaccines require more than one shot. 

We no longer have the illusion of safety and security we possessed even three months ago.  Free-dumb is now dangerous. It is time to grow up and face reality as it is, not as what we wish it would be. Today, pray for our world to gain Divine wisdom and compassion for all God’s children. To face reality, so we can address our challenges with Divine courage and determination. If we seek and respond to God’s leading, we will be able to overcome this present struggle.