Daily Devotions

Seventeen Words for Contemplation

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In a tradition handed down through the generations, the seventeen words found below have been shared as a gift in many a Jewish family. They are considered some to be the most important words for living a God-centered life. It is said that they were even found written secretly on the wall of a concentration camp, as a testimony of faith.

Reflect silently on the words. Allow yourself to be drawn to one particular word. Why are you drawn to this word? What significance does this word have in your life right now? Follow your thoughts as the Spirit leads you.


  • Prepare
  • Smile
  • Listen
  • Care
  • Choose
  • Focus
  • Believe
  • Act
  • Relax
  • Forgive
  • Trust
  • Pray
  • Change
  • Accept
  • Persist
  • Risk
  • Wait

(Shared by Jan Davison at a Nominating Meeting, she found it on the Presbyterian Church USA website.)