Daily Devotions

The Power of This Moment

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Henri Nouwen, in his book, Finding My Way Home, challenges his reader to try something new. He states, "A waiting person is someone who is present to the moment, believing that this moment is the moment." You may not think it is something new, but be honest, how often are you really, fully living in the moment? We day dream, text, plan, and obsess all the time, but rarely, if ever are we truly focused on the moment.

Some time today, take five full minutes and embrace the moment you are in. Listen intentionally. Feel the temperature around you. Let your senses rule your mind for a moment. After the five minutes are up, offer God a prayer for the life and blessings God has placed all around you.


VBS and the Spirit

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I've spent the past week doing the opening for our Vacation Bible School. What a blessing! Looking into each of the children's faces I've witnessed sheer joy and faithful expectation. I am always humbled by the trust that children experience. Adult life can chip away at exuberance and make one cynical. Spending time with these young ones heals my heart and mind.

As you look at the children's images below, prayerfully remember moments in your childhood when you experienced that kind of joy and faithful expectation. Soak in the memory, and feel the experience wash over you anew. Let the Holy Spirit bring joy and expectation back to your life today.