Daily Devotions

Spiritual Walk

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Jill and I were walking Buster tonight, and I thought about how it is a spiritual walk. It is spiritual because it brings joy to Buster's life. It is also an important time for Jill and I to discuss our day's activities and reflections. 

Some spiritual walks are important to walk alone. Alone time is very important, because it is often the moment when God approaches you. Make a point of taking a walk sometime today. If you take your spiritual walk with someone, make a point of sharing something important with them. If alone, share something important with God, and then free your mind and focus on listening.

Spiritual walks are an avenue for God to speak to you. Enjoy!    

Happiness Exercise

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Hector and the Search for Happiness is a movie Jill and I watched on Netflix yesterday. If you look on the Tomatometer, you will know that it was panned by the critics. But I am not a critic. I loved the film. It was obvious etc., but the movie still calls us to think about what truly matters in this world, and to name it and cherish it. The film calls us to reflect on our lives and to find happiness in being fully present and appreciative for the moments in your life. 

Our devotion today, is to remember your past, and embrace it. To work intentionally on noticing the world and people around you. Finally, to appreciate what and who is around you. Embrace it and them!