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Welcome Back!

Welcome Back!

With a spouse who works in the public schools, the cycle of the school year is part of our family’s rhythm of life. It is funny, our daughter graduates and goes to college, we are empty nesters and, two years later, we are back in the cycle of going back to school in the fall. Only now, the big-girl backpack is for my wife!

Well, your fall school cycle includes getting back into the Church School and Worship rhythm. I am very excited for our new Church year. We have so many things to be excited about, with our Sunday morning and Wednesday activities. Our committees and staff have worked hard to live out our Mission Statement in 2019-2020: “We are called to worship with tradition, raise 21st century disciples,connect as a church family, and engage in mission.” Our Mission Statement will continue to come alive in 2019-2020.

One of the unique changes in our Sunday morning programming is the way we are approaching each Sunday of the month for adult programming.

The first Sunday of the month we will all participate in Intergenerational activities. In this age where grandparents often live away from grandchildren, having this opportunity to interact and learn from each other is very meaningful. Apart from learning, as an empty nester, I love spending time with children again.

The second Sunday of the month will be focused on Mission; so you might have a learning component one month, and plant in God’s Garden, or cook the shelter meal another month. The third Sunday will be focused on Connection Groups. We believe the spiritual health of the congregation, as a whole, and each person within the church, is enhanced when individuals are part of a smaller group of people who you can pray with, and learn from. If you are not part of a group, we will help you find a place you will enjoy. Finally, the fourth Sunday of the month is focusing on traditional Adult Education, with different presentations and learning opportunities. Over time, this new process will help provide routine, so you will know what program will be on which Sunday, and it will provide a wider depth of experiential learning, from a spiritual perspective.

I pray this year will be a time where adults, youth, and children will all have the opportunity to expand their spiritual journeys with God, and see that this spirituality takes place in many different forms. Music will be a big part of our Wednesday and Sunday experiences. For children, youth, and adults there will be new opportunities to sing and ring. Bells will be reintroduced to our programming at Westminster again this year. Whether you are a bitty bell or experienced ringer, there is an opportunity to participate in sharing sacred music, in one or more of its expressions. Get into the sacred rhythm of our new ministries at Westminster!


Scott Paczkowski, Senior Pastor

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