Junior & Senior High



Even though our program calendar has the Youth Program ending in April and May, we have decided that until the church is fully open again, and quarantines have ended, we will continue meeting at our regular times (see below). We believe that meeting and keeping the connections we have with one another during this time of isolation and uncertainty is more important than keeping with a schedule that was planned months before we even knew the words "social distancing" and "COVID-19". Even if this means meeting into the summer, we'll keep going. As long as we need to, we'll be here for your students. Below are a list of meeting times:


6:00PM - 7:00PM    -    Junior High Zoom Lesson

7:00PM - 8:00PM    -   Confirmation Zoom Meeting


6:00PM - 7:00PM    -   Senior High Zoom Lesson
7:00PM - 8:00PM    -    All Youth Game Night


11:00 AM - 12:00 PM    -   All-Youth (6th-12th Grade) Sunday School


Zoom Events


Friday, April 17th - All Youth Movie Night

April 17th was scheduled to be a Junior High Lock-In at the church. Since that is obviously no longer possible, the event has been shifted to an All-Youth Movie Night. We will meet via Zoom and watch a movie on Netflix together and all press play at the same time. This will allow us to react to the movie, talk about the movie and enjoy time together in a new way! All students and families are welcome. The movie will be on Netflix Streaming, but a specific movie will be announced as the date approaches, as will the Zoom link for the event. Please contact Drew with any questions.

Saturday, April 24th - Parents Night In

This event is new and for parents only. We'll chat in small groups about how things are going for each of us and share tips & tricks about how we're coping with the students, with work, and with life. Let this event be a breath of fresh air for you. We'll end the night with games and laughs. Links and more will be coming soon. Please contact Drew with any questions.

Zoom links are emailed out before each meeting to protect the youth and staff.
If you are not on the WestPres Youth Email List, please reach out to
Drew Robertson (Youth Director) via email at


All are welcome. All are loved.


Zoom Safety

To help maintain the safety of our students and staff, please do not post the links above to public forums. Conveniently, yet unfortunately, anyone with the meeting links can join our meetings. This can be dangerous for all involved should the link fall into the wrong hands. If you want to share the links with a friend, you and your students are 100% welcome to, but please send them directly. This is the first layer of safety for all involved. The second is that upon entering each meeting, all parties/attendees are put into a digital waiting room that only the host can see. The host must approve each attendee individually. This can mean short delays entering each meeting. Though an inconvenience, this helps maintain the safety of all students and staff. Thank you for your understanding and know that your students safety is of the utmost importance to all of us.

How to get a Zoom Account

Please go to Zoom.us to set up a Zoom account. There are apps for all phones (Android, Apple, etc.), as well as a desktop application. If you have the capability to use Zoom on a laptop or desktop that is recommended as we will be playing games that require phone access. If attending Zoom meetings is an issue for you please let me know so that we can work around it sooner rather than later. Please contact me if you have questions.