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As Associate Pastor and Chief of Staff, I am excited to invite you to join us in our 2018-19 programming. At Westminster we worship with tradition, connect as a church family, raise 21st Century Disciples and engage in mission. This year we are leaning into raising 21st century disciples and connecting as a church family. Please look through this guide and see what exciting ways you and every member of your family can participate!

Kids’ Ministry Relaunch

Our church was built on a passion for raising kids to be disciples of Jesus Christ. This year we are offering new high-energy programming on Sunday morning and Wednesday night. With engaging, play-centered learning and recreation-based group building we are committed to being a place where our kids want to be.

We want our kids to pull their parents to church.

Our mission for our Kids’ Ministry is to raise our kids to be 21st Century Disciples of Jesus Christ.

Our goal is that when our kids graduate from high school they:

  • Know and follow Jesus Christ.
  • Have a considered faith ready to last a lifetime.
  • Live in respect and partnership with friends in other religions.
  • Join Jesus in his mission to change the world for the better.

Our objectives are to create experiences where our kids:

  • Worship with tradition in an age-friendly way.
  • Connect as a church family with kids their age and with role models and mentors.
  • Know our story and are confident in their knowledge of the Bible.
  • Join Jesus in his work, serving and engaging in mission.
Connecting as a Church Family

We invite you to join us in leaning into connecting to one another, so we can be a more supportive church family. Look inside to see opportunities to join us for regular all church events. Enjoy the flow of our new Sunday morning schedule that invites us to spend time in fellowship following worship, then sit and talk, or join classes and connection groups, to grow together as a church family. Consider joining or helping us form new Connection groups as Lisa Anderson and our connections team seek to help us grow together.

God has blessed us with a rich history and tradition. Please use this tool to find ways that Westminster can have an impact on you and your family this year, so that together can have an impact on the world around us.

In Christ’s love,

Pastor Bill Ekhardt


Worship at Westminster

We believe that our life together centers around meeting God in worship.
At Westminster, our sermons are rooted in the Bible and connected to everyday life.
Here, people from all ages and varying backgrounds come together to form a
community shaped by the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

Starting September 9, 2018, we will gather for worship on Sundays at 9:15 a.m.
At Christmas and Easter there will be additional services.


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