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Scott Paczkowski

Senior Pastoroffice: (515) 274-1534

Bill Ekhardt

Chief of Staff and Associate Pastoroffice: (515) 274-1534

Jan Scott

Associate Pastoroffice: (515) 274-1534

Ken Arentson

Pastor Emeritusoffice: (515) 274-1534

Christian Education and Outreach

Lisa Anderson

Director of Connections Outreach office: (515) 274-1534

Drew Robertson

Assistant Youth Director

Tiffany Hays

Director of Christian Educationoffice: (515) 274-1534


Ruth Bloxham

Accountantoffice: (515) 274-1534

Susan Denton

Administrative Assistantoffice: (515) 274-1534

Joan Mahaffey

Director of Support Ministriesoffice: (515) 274-1534

Laura Sherlock

Director of Communicationsoffice: (515) 274-1534

Jim VandeBerg

Business Administratoroffice: (515) 274-1534

Music and Art

Eric Miller

Fine Arts Coordinator

Steve Dressel

Interim Director of Music and Arts


Megan Seifert

Preschool Directoroffice: (515) 274-1534

Heidi Cruse

Interim Preschool Director and Teacheroffice: (515) 274-1534

Isobel Chowanec

Preschool Teacheroffice: (515) 274-1534

Sara Smith

Preschool Teacher

Amy Schneider

Preschool Teacheroffice: 515-274-1534

Angelia Patino

Preschool Teacheroffice: 515-274-1534

Chieng Davis

Preschool Chefoffice: 515-274-1534


Gary Barlow

Custodianoffice: (515) 274-1534

Dan List

Building Superintendent