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Interim Children’s Christian Education Director

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It is our pleasure to introduce you to Tiffany Hays, our Interim Children’s Christian Education Director. Tiffany has been serving as our Nursery Director. She has been supervised by Erin Marth, and worked closely with Erin and Lisa Anderson doing projects and supporting them. Tiffany has agreed to serve 15-20 hours a week supporting our children’s Christian Education program. We understand she will be a bridge between our outgoing full time Director of Christian Education and the next director, whom we will be actively seeking. We are thankful that Tiffany has been willing to step into this role. We encourage you to get to know her if you have not and support Tiffany as she carries this ministry into its next chapter.

Calvin Community and Westminster Preschool

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In May, I wrote an article discussing a new partnership with Calvin Community. I think it is about time to give an update on this wonderful partnership. We have a very unique program that should be celebrated!

We have now been going to Calvin Community twice a month since May. The kids have begun to form relationships with the residents, and the residents look forward to us coming. At the beginning of the month, we visit the Health Center. The later part of the month we visit the Garden View Memory Unit. All different age groups have visited, and all have had a positive experience.

In October, the Activities Department made a last-minute phone call to see if a group of kids would be willing to come and Trick-or-Treat. We, of course, said “Yes!” and The kids not only got treats, but they sang their Halloween songs for the residents, and brought
a lot of smiles.

In these few months, we have learned a favorite activity of both age groups (the parachute is requested every time), and we have also discovered that some activities don’t travel well (quick drying paint is a plus). December was a real treat as the GOLD (3s) class and the DK class practiced their programs. Music is such a gift, and the kids really shone.

We are grateful to be so close, so the children can walk there. What a blessing for the kids and for Calvin.

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