Flat Jesus

Download your Flat Jesus here!

Where Will Flat Jesus Go this Year???

In the Summer of 2016, Jesus was seen with Westminster folks at baseball games, camp, concerts, and so much more… Where will we bring Jesus in 2017?


Flat Jesus is a paper figure you can cut out and color.  Kids of all ages are invited to join in on “Flat Jesus”. We will have markers and copies of Flat Jesus in the Commons on Sundays for you to color and take with you!

Or you can download one here!

Jesus can accompany you as you go out into the world - whether you’re hanging out at home, playing in the neighborhood, or travelling around the world. Take pictures with Flat Jesus and share them with us along, with a description of where you’ve been.  We’ll gather the pictures and display them in The Commons for our community to see!


Want to get your Flat Jesus laminated? Once you have finished coloring him, write your name on his back and the church staff will laminate him for you within a week. (That way if he decides to walk on water, he’ll be protected.) Also, if you lose your Flat Jesus, you can print out a new one here.


You can post pictures of Flat Jesus’ adventures on social media or email them to Erin at . Make sure you include a brief description of where Jesus is and what you’re doing. Think of all the places where our church could share Jesus this summer!

Questions about Flat Jesus? Email Erin at .


“In the same way, let your light shine before others, so that they may see your good works and give glory to your Father in heaven.” -Matthew 5:16