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You Are the Proof

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Why have you brought us up out of Egypt, to bring us to this wretched place? It is no place for grain, or figs, or vines, or pomegranates; and there is no water to drink.” (Numbers 20:5)


Oh, the complaining. Imagine, just for a moment, what it must be like to be God. Sure, you would be so all powerful, you could even make the Vikings win the Super Bowl, but there is also a downside. You would have to hear the constant stream of complaints emanating from this third rock from the sun. I don’t think the tradeoff is worth it.


Just like the Israelites in the wilderness, we too have sounded like nasty, ungrateful children. Think back thirteen years. Can you remember what you were complaining to God about that month in April? For most of us the answer is “no.” What that means is that over-and-over again, we complain about things God has either addressed, or they weren’t worth complaining about in the first place.


God wants to hear every aspect of our lives, every day of our lives. That isn’t the issue. The issue at hand is one of trust. God has been there for us each step along the way. Over time, we should be learning to trust God. It is okay to offer God our concerns, but to complain implies we do not trust God will respond to our needs.


Today, think about times where your complaints were unnecessary. Then, think about the possibility, that at their worst, some of those complaints were actually sinful, because they showed an inner lack of belief. Now, think about all the legitimate complaints you shared over the years, and the ways they worked themselves out, or more accurately, God worked them out for you. God has not left you, and your life history is proof of God’s care and love.