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Trusting Power

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Finally, be strong in the Lord and in the strength of his power. (Ephesians 6:10)

God’s power is a foundational theme in Celtic spirituality. Today, most of us view power with a dubious eye. This is due to all the powerful figures who have let us down through the years. In my lifetime, Nixon had Watergate, Reagan had the Contras, Clinton had Monica, Trump has… No wonder we struggle to trust any authority. It isn’t just our Presidents who have let down. Corporate leaders have destroyed the middle class so they can line their own pockets. Meanwhile, religious leaders have abused children. It is no wonder we have trouble embracing an all-powerful God.

The Celts point out that God’s world began with power, in the creation of the universe. The Celts used royal language when discussing God and Jesus. In the first edition of the famous hymn, “Be Thou My Vision,” there is a verse that states: “Be thou my vision, O Lord of my heart, None other is aught but the King of the seven heavens.” For the Celts, only a powerful God is worth our worship. The more powerful our God, the more amazing God’s intimacy with us.

In “Following the Celtic Way,” Ian Bradley points out, “The kingship of God and Christ was regarded as a broad, encompassing, benevolent rule which embraced peace, protection, justice as well as having more cosmic and metaphysical elements.” A blessed aspect of Divine power is God’s care for the individual. “Peace,” “protection,” and “justice” are ideals that make the life of the individual safer and more meaningful. Without power, God would simply be well meaning. With power, God has the ability to make all things possible.

Today, take time to meditate on the power of God. Just think about what it means to be “Almighty.” This is the ultimate power. What I appreciate is that the one with the ultimate power just happens to love us and wants the best for us, yet is unwilling to make us into puppets. Offer a Prayer of Thanksgiving and let God know how much we appreciate God’s love for us. Let God know you are willing to trust Almighty power, even when we don’t always understand. Then, take a moment of silent prayer, and enjoy the power of God’s love for you.