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Mom, My Bible is Boring

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Sanctify them in the truth; your word is truth. (John 17:17)

Why is the Bible so boring? I wish I could sugar coat it like some other religious leaders try to do. I wish I could say it was as easy as memorizing some key verses and repeating them in every situation that comes up in modern life. Darn it, I cannot. The Bible is boring because it is so darn hard! It was written over thousands of years. We do not have the “original” manuscript of any of the “books” of the Bible.

In order to unpack the inspiration of the Bible, we must learn as much as we can about the culture, the politics, the literary works, and other religious traditions in the era, and area, we are reading. It is also important to know one’s Bible well enough to also evaluate a passage based on what the Bible says in other places. It is a tall order, but no one ever said God would make it easy for us. I believe God intended the Bible to be overwhelmingly difficult so we would spend our life learning and growing in our knowledge, wisdom, and faith.

Further, if we could figure out God’s intentions just by reading, we would not need to rely on the Holy Spirit’s guidance. Prayer is a fundamental part of the Biblical process. That is why pastors pray before or after the reading of Scripture, so they can receive illumination from the Spirit. Not even the most intellectual scholars in history can come close to unlocking the Bible’s wisdom. Only the Holy Spirit can take us to new understanding.

Today, take a little time and pick a passage of at least two paragraphs. Pray over the passage before you begin reading, and pray again when you are through reading. Then ask yourself questions like, what was the author attempting to introduce by sharing these words? You might even take an hour and go to a church library and look up biblical reference material that can help with your understanding of your particular passage. Biblical understanding takes an eternal lifetime, but that shouldn’t get you down. The more you read your Bible, the more the Holy Spirit will bring wisdom and truth to your life. Pretty soon, the Bible will come alive and you will try to remember why you ever thought it was boring.