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I'm Flying

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…but those who wait for the Lord shall renew their strength, they shall mount up with wings like eagles, they shall run and not be weary, they shall walk and not faint. (Isaiah 40:31)


We Presbyterians are a rational bunch. The Presbyterian denomination has the highest level of education of any Christian denomination. This means we are very good at thinking our faith, but it also means we struggle with feeling our faith. It means we are good at discussing theology, but struggle to find a place for the spiritual. Celtic spirituality requires the heart, as well as the mind. Ian Bradley, in his book, “Following the Celtic Way,” affirms that, “This appeal is enhanced by a second related contemporary trend which is a move away from the rational and towards the mystical.” He continues, “Celtic Christianity seems to offer much in the mystical line, with its saints performing miracles and prophesying, its highly developed angelology, poetic prayers and icon-like illuminated manuscripts and high standing crosses.”

To appreciate Celtic spirituality, we do not need to ignore our brain. What we do need, is to find expressions of spiritual meaning that speaks to our heart. If we are able to get out of our head long enough, we might be able to experience God in a new and equally meaningful way. This gives us a deeper capability to delve into the greater resources of God’s being. This is why music speaks to our spirit in a way different from the rational. Music can make our spirit soar. Finding other forms of spiritual activity can also make our spirit soar. Poetry, art, meditation, drama, and other expressions, along with music, allows God’s spirit to touch a different part of our soul.

Today, consider ways beyond the rational, that you feel your soul soar. I used to swim a mile at a time. When I would get into the routine of the strokes, and turns, it was as if I was flying. It became a spiritual experience. Other times, when I was tired, or in a negative mood, it wasn’t spiritual, but every so often, I would fly. Find something in your life where you can feel the Holy Spirit lifting you up and letting you fly. It might be with a group of friends arguing Scripture, or running laps, or singing in the church choir. Whatever you find, cherish it as a sacred blessing. If it makes you soar, then God is at work in you.