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Depression and Renewal

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Cast all your anxiety on him, because he cares for you. (1 Peter 5:7)

Over 18 percent of Americans suffer from depression and other anxiety disorders in any given year (Anxiety and Depression Association of America). Thirty-seven percent of people suffering with depression receive no treatment at all. Depression is a painful, isolating illness. Depression should be taken seriously. It should be addressed with the help and support of a therapist. Medication can also be beneficial, if monitored by a physician.

Depression is not simply a mental illness, it also has physical ramifications. The body, mind, and soul all work in unity. One’s physical health affects depression as well. Luke Rowley, in his article, “4 Powerful Ways to Treat Depression without Medication” provides helpful information. Rowley states that “exercise,” “sleep & rest,” “diet,” and “boundaries,” all provide assistance in dealing with depression in a healthy manner.

Exercise sets off a chemical reaction in the brain that reduces the level of depression. Sleep and rest provide renewal for the brain. It gives us the ability to respond without as much emotional stress. Diet is loaded because it quickly induces feelings of guilt. A healthy diet provides energy and positive feelings. And perhaps the most surprising: boundaries. The ability to say, “no,” gives us back control of one’s life. It allows us to place healthy limits on our energy and provides focus necessary for good mental health.

Many of us will struggle with depression at some point in our lives. One cannot just push through the depression. A holistic response to depression is often best. Depression isn’t just a medication issue. Depression is a physical, emotional, and spiritual issue. Today, ask God to give you the courage to address depression. If you struggle with depression, seek help. If you have persons you care for who struggle, attempt to encourage them to seek help. A holistic response provides opportunities for healing and a more enriching life. We pray and then we act. Healing is a reality.