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Colbert's Wisdom

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May he grant you your heart’s desire, and fulfill all your plans.” (Psalm 20:4)


Comedian, Stephen Colbert, gave the following statement at Northwestern University’s 2011 commencement address: "And I love it, because thankfully dreams can change. If we’d all stuck with our first dream, the world would be overrun with cowboys and princesses. So whatever your dream is right now, if you don’t achieve it, you haven’t failed, and you’re not some loser. But just as importantly — and this is the part I may not get right and you may not listen to — if you do get your dream, you are not a winner." I struggled for a time in my early- and mid-thirties. By the age of thirty, I had fulfilled all my goals.

This boy who left the Iron Range after High School, went on to graduate from college, graduate from Seminary, became an ordained Presbyterian minister, received a doctorate, fell in love with the woman I would spend my life with, and became a father. Uff da! I had sacrificed a lot of my young adult years to make that happen, but it was all worth it. But now what?

I spent a couple of years challenged by a new church, then I struggled to find my next challenge. It took some time to find the next stage of my life. I hated those moments in my life when I felt like I was spinning my wheels. I’ve been at my best when I was on a mission in my personal and professional life. Through the years since, I’ve had some disappointments, as well as some successes. I agree with Stephen Colbert. It isn’t about the successes or failures, it is about doing meaningful things along life’s way. 

Today, think about your dreams. What dreams came true, and what dreams didn’t come to fruition? Are you presently in a rut, spinning your wheels, or are you moving forward with a clear direction? Pray that God will help you set new goals and dreams for your life. Then, go down that road with passion and excitement. When God blesses your dreams, exciting things will happen.