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Bearing Fruit in Your Life

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“Just as it [the word] is bearing fruit and growing in the whole world, so it has been bearing fruit among yourselves from the day you heard it and truly comprehended the grace of God.” (Colossians 1:6)


There are moments when I personally get so wrapped up in the minute details of Biblical interpretation or theological study that I fail to review my understanding of the basic, big picture, foundational, understandings of my faith. Who is Christ in my faith? What is salvation in my understanding of the faith? What role does the Bible play in my faith? Is the Holy Spirit active in my life? These and other questions should be reviewed and reconsidered every few years. As one’s learning grows, one’s theology and relationship with God transforms as well. The Colossians’ writer is challenging the faithful to review and reaffirm God’s role in “bearing fruit” in one’s life.


When we fail to reflect on our faith, we often unintentionally become self-centered when we fail to review our lives, asking ourselves questions of faith. When I was finishing high school, I had a couple teachers who believed in me and helped me get accepted at Concordia College. In college I was trying to graduate a year early, and I spent my last semester of my final year in the hospital. All my teachers made time to help me stay up with my studies from my hospital bed. They also met with me over the summer, on their own time, so I could formally graduate over the summer and start seminary in the fall. God put those people in my life, opening doors, and keeping doors open, so I could fulfill God’s call for my life. Shame on me if I’ve ever took credit for any accomplishments in my life.


Today, reflect on the successes in your life. Now, rather than patting yourself on the back, remember the individuals who supported you along the way. Offer God a prayer of thanksgiving for all the people who made extra time to support your life’s call. Then, continue your prayer by thanking God for moving you forward, opening doors, and clearing your way to the successes in your life. Further, ask God to continue calling you to special challenges, and for the Holy Spirit’s support so you can succeed in helping others. Finally, ask those big picture questions and reaffirm the God who affirmed you.