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A Stolen Life

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It is the spirit that gives life; the flesh is useless. The words that I have spoken to you are spirit and life. (John 6:63)

A number of years ago, a tough guy who sounded like an Italian mob boss stereotype, called Jill and threatened her, that if she didn’t address the bankruptcy of her marketing company in Rochester, New York, she would be in trouble. Once the scary man was persuaded that Jill was a nurse and I was a pastor, and neither one of us had ever even set foot in the state of New York, he became a kind support. 

After a couple years of fear and threats, it appears that a large bank corporation employee in the state of Virginia – again, a place we’ve never been – accidentally mistyped someone else’s Social Security number. The mistaken Social Security number just happened to be Jill’s. To this day, the corporation refuses to acknowledge their mistake, but we’ve not had further problems, so we assume the bank fixed the situation internally.  

It is hard for me to describe the feelings of utter helplessness. It is incredibly fear inducing that a simple typo, from some unassuming administrative person, could possibly steal your life and future. As our technology continues to advance, the reality of identity theft continues to become more commonplace. Worse, it isn’t just our Social Security number or credit cards that can be stolen. 

Hospitals are now getting hacked. If you’ve had genome testing, that information may not be safe. I just read about the hackers wanting to steal genetic information from patients as a means of blackmail, and other means of manipulation. Now, immoral individuals have the means to steal not only our money, but our physical identity.

As we become more vulnerable in this society of ours, the one thing no one can steal is our spiritual identity. God cannot be taken from us. We can give our faith away through bitterness or neglect, but it cannot be stolen. Ask God to care for you as thieves often attack. Perhaps it is time to embrace the one thing no one can take away. Ironically, it is the most valuable thing you can ever own: your soul.