Daily Devotions

The Garden Path

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“Therefore, the Lord God sent him forth from the garden of Eden, to till the ground from which he was taken.” (Genesis 3:23)


The garden of Eden story ends in such a painful way. Adam and Eve would have felt horrible aloneness. I believe that is exactly what God intended. Adam and Eve didn’t appreciate being cared for by God. They decided freedom meant pushing God away and living a life apart. God always gives us what we want, so God gave them their wish, and let them be apart.


But look at the shocking results. Adam and Eve birthed Cain and Abel, which ended in death and despair. All of history, until the present, continues the line and lineage of Adam and Eve. This is a family tree of desperation, one generation after another, trying to live apart from God. The entire human experience has gone generation after generation, attempting to reinstitute a relationship with our God who promised a return to the garden.


Today, pray for God to guide us back to the Divine garden. The way back down the garden path occurs when we seek to hand our lives over to God. The serpent tricked Adam and Eve into desiring self-control. It requires letting go and handing our lives back over to God’s control, in order for us to step back onto the garden path. Daily prayer, where you share every aspect of your life, guides us back toward the garden. Put aside fifteen minutes today and share your deepest joys and fears with God. You will feel the garden path under your feet, and joy in your heart. Start today.

The Same Flesh and Bone

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“Then the man said, ‘This at last is bone of my bones and flesh of my flesh; this one shall be called Woman, for out of Man this one was taken.’” (Genesis 2:23)


Sadly, I’ve heard too many ministers and lay people using this passage to subjugate women. They enjoy saying, “Man was made first and woman is made out of man,” and further, “that she is to be his ‘helper.’” “Woman has an ‘honored’ place as a support for the man.” These Christian groups try to “honor” women by keeping them under the authority of men, especially their husbands.


This is not what God intended when women were created. The real emphasis of this verse should be on the phrase, “bone of my bones and flesh of my flesh.” It is clear from this description that God is making woman equal to man. Woman is being made of the same bone and flesh as the man. Earlier in chapter two, God tried to make “animals of the field and birds of the air” to provide company for the man. It didn’t work because they were not equal to the man. The man needed someone who is his equal in order to be fulfilled in life.


So, the next time someone affirms the idea that “man is the head of the household” because the Bible says so, the answer is, “No! Woman is equal to the man. She is of the same ‘bone’ and the same ‘flesh.’” It is time to stop allowing people who claim the same Christian faith to deny half of all Christians the equal right to express and share their faith in the one true God!


Today, pray for the Christian Church. We are being belittled by the larger society because the media and secularists are successfully lumping all Christians into the same misogynistic basket. We are an extremely diverse religion. It is important that we evangelize the Christian truth of equality for all people. All are equal no matter what one’s skin color, nationality, sexual orientation, or whether one is male or female. It is a Spiritual imperative we must share over-and-over again.

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