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Pledge Campaign Update

Please remember to turn in your pledge card this week! This will save our volunteers for having to make phone calls to church members from whom we have not yet received a card.


As of today, we have received pledges from 265 families for about $738,000. Pledged dollars is the largest part of our operating income. Pledged dollars is a huge help in budgeting for our ministry programs because it is a reliable and regular part of our income. We are planning a big impact in 2019 and need your support for our many ministries!


Please call the office if you need any help or information (274-1534). Many thanks to everyone who has already made a pledge and many thanks to everyone who is planning to turn in a card this week.

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Easy Way to Contribute to Westminster

Question: Can I still make a charitable contribution to the church directly from my IRA?

Answer:  The new tax law still permits donating directly from your IRA to the church. If you are 70 ½ or older, contact your IRA investor and instruct them to start the paperwork. There are two main advantages of donating from your IRA. The donation to the church will count toward satisfying your Required Minimum Distribution (RMD) and second, the distribution to the church will be fully excluded from your taxable income. Please contact your tax advisor to learn if this strategy will work in your individual situation.


if you have any questions please contact Jim VandeBerg at 274-1534 or

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