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Foundation Sunday

On April 29, we have invited Mary Serovy, a Ministry Relations Officer of the national Presbyterian Foundation to travel to Des Moines to join us. She is going to participate in our worship service then provide an informational gathering in The Commons. She will share with us financial tools available to help us join with those who have given in decades past. Please join us on Foundation Sunday, when we will recognize those who have given in the past, celebrate the fruit of our Foundation’s work in the present and invite us all to join to build tomorrow’s ministry.


One might say our Westminster Foundation has been something of a lamp hidden under a bushel. This $5.9 million legacy of accumulated contributions and testamentary gifts is the result of decades of members supporting today’s and tomorrow’s ministry. Last year more than $300,000 in investment revenue from the Foundation was given to the Session to distribute for God’s ministry. On Foundation Sunday, April 29, we are going to bring this lamp out of the bushel and let it shine.

Did you know that the Foundation does not direct what its revenue is used for? Some donors have designated their gifts toward particular ministries and the Foundation lets the Session know which of those funds need to be used in those ways. Some examples of designated revenue in 2017 include about $35K for missions. Of that money, our Session designated $15K toward the God’s Garden project that we are excitedly building in our north parking lot to create about 20 garden plots for refugee families. About $35K is designated for buildings and grounds and our Session uses that money to maintain and improve our building. About $10K is designated to support Westminster’s Fine Arts program. About $6.5K is designated to be used in Christian Education. About $6K is designated for our summer young adult volunteer SUMMIT program. About $175K is not designated to any particular ministry and the Session distributes this money to support various ministries of the church. The Foundation is a steward of these legacy gifts, investing them for a return and making sure they are used for the categories donors choose. However, the Session chooses how best to use this revenue to carry out God’s work in our world.

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God's Garden Update

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We are excited to announce that construction has begun on our Refugee garden! The asphalt was removed from the back  of the North parking lot this afternoon.  We will need lots of help to complete this project. Please plan to join us for our garden work days May 5 and May 19 from 9am-12pm and stay tuned for updates!