Westminster Book Club

Book Club Schedule to Change in July


The Westminster Book Club will move its meeting to the second Wednesday of the month for July only (because the first Wednesday is Independence Day).  The group will meet on July 11, at 6:30 p.m. in Simmerman Lounge to discuss the book, Aquarium, by David Vann.


Aquarium tells the story of a lonely young girl, Caitlin.  While her intelligent, frustrated single mother works long, hard hours at a blue-collar job she hates, every day after school Caitlin spends her time in the glow of fish tank lights watching the fish that she loves. Then, suddenly, she’s not alone with the fish anymore: A fellow aquarium visitor, an old man, strikes up a conversation with her and comes back the next day to continue it. The two embark on a thoughtful and oddly egalitarian friendship. As it turns out, though, the old man is only part stranger, and when Caitlin’s mother learns of his presence in her daughter’s life, the girl’s comforting routine collapses.


Published in 21 languages, David Vann's best-selling books have won 15 prizes, including best foreign novel in France and Spain, and have appeared on 75 best-books-of-the-year lists in a dozen countries.  Publisher's Weekly describes Aquarium as “elegantly written, emotionally intense... a moving exploration of the boundaries we draw around ourselves to stay safe and unchanged.”


All readers are welcome to join the Book Club on July 11.  While supplies last, books from the public library’s book discussion set are available for check-out in the church office.  You may also borrow, download or purchase the book on your own.  For more information, contact Jan Davison.




The Westminster Book Club began a few years ago as one of the adult classes on Wednesday evenings.  The Book Club continues to meet during Faith Formation on the first Wednesday of each month, but it doesn't end when the program year ends -- the Book Club meets year-round.  The group, which currently has about 15-20 active members, gathers at 6:30 p.m. in Simmerman Lounge.

 Books from the Public Library's Book Discussion sets are used, however, readers are also welcome to download, borrow or purchase the books on their own.  Book selections include non-fiction, fiction, memoirs, historical novels, biographies and more.

Book Club members enjoy lively discussion while strengthening the bonds of fellowship and friendship.  All readers are welcome!  

For more information, contact Jan Davison