Adult Activities


Sunday Adult Activities

Sunday Adult Schedule
  • 9:15 Worship with Tradition
  • 10:15 Fellowship and Refreshments
  • 10:30 – 11:15 B-Hour Opportunities
Pastor-Led Classes

Join Pastors Scott and Bill in September for a sermon series and classes on the four core activities that make us Westminster. (Then look for more pastor led classes throughout the year.)

Connection Groups

We invite people to join existing or form new connection groups. Groups are welcome to meet during the B-Hour.

Music Groups

Karla Killinger will lead practices during the B-Hour for our Intergenerational Band to perform on Veterans Day, and adult bell choir to perform in Advent and Easter. Adults are also invited to join our choir, Westminster Chorale, directed by Kris DeWild. Rehearsals are Thursday evenings from 6:30 to 8:00 p.m.

Guest Speakers in All Things Considered

Look for guest speakers to address timely issues facing our world.

Advocacy Groups

Our Advocacy Groups are encouraged to meet during our B-Hour. If you are in or would like to join a group like our Gay Lesbian Straight Affirmation (GLSA) group, or our newly forming Immigration Advocacy group please check out weekly newsletter for their meeting schedule.

Continue Casual Fellowship

Grab a cup of coffee and connect with one another, or read while you wait for others to finish their classes or groups.


Additional Adult Activities


We are leaning into connecting as a church family. In this program year we are inviting our members to get to know one another better by attending our monthly all-church events, connecting with one another in the B-Hour and by joining an existing, or a newly forming Connection Group. Connection Groups can take many forms depending on how often folks want to meet and what they would like to do together. We want to help you find a group that fits you best. We will be offering a survey to help you find a group that meets your interests. Talk to Lisa Anderson if you would like to get more connected.


In addition to our Sunday morning opportunities for education, there are groups dedicated to study and growth.


Opportunities for Service

We worship, connect, grow, and serve. There are many opportunities to make an impact both in our congregation and to and for our community and world.

All Church Events

Throughout the year we will be holding All-Church Events. These are activities that any age can attend. They are a way to get more connected as a community and enjoy some fun fellowship! Read all about this year’s events here.


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