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New Testament Parables Class

Bible Studies Course

Dr. Paczkowski is teaching a Bible Studies course on the New Testament Parables. Attend, and learn about Biblical insights into how to read your Bible, and learn more about the author of these transformative parables, Jesus the Christ.



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Christmas Offering

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I love the Winston Churchhill quote, “We make a living by what we get. We make a life by what we give.” The Christmas season is the time when we give to others, as a symbol of remembrance for the gift God gave us in Jesus, the Christ. In this broken world, any blessing, any goodness we find, is a gift given by God. Your ability to find and give love is possible because God first loved you. God continues to bless us each day with many joys, hopes, and ultimate redemption.

Today, please prayerfully consider giving back to God through a Christmas gift to the Church. Jesus is the reason for the season. You honor the Christmas season by making a gift to the “Body of Christ,” your church. Your gift to Westminster is a gift to God, this holiday season.

Your Christmas gift to Westminster is a huge blessing and helps us meet our end-of-year budget. Your Christmas gift helps us continue to provide for our children and youth, so they can strengthen their faith in Christ Jesus. Your gift helps fund the worship of our God, which is the foundational aspect of the Christian faith. Your Christmas gift helps continue outreach to the community, fulfilling the Great Commandment to “love our neighbor as ourselves.” Your Christmas gift helps us provide care for our elderly and those in need within our congregation.

On behalf of all the people who will be blessed by your generous gift, I say, “thank you.” Your blessing continues to keep your church strong and impactful. In this age of struggling churches, we are truly blessed to have loving and committed people like you, that allows our church to continue to grow.

Bless you this holiday season,

Scott Paczkowski

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